Change Maker Projects

The campaign’s support of Change Makers doesn’t stop at the events, workshops and talks – we continue to back passionate Change Makers who choose to take on independent projects when they’ve returned to their schools, communities and homes.

Change Maker Projects/Events are a great way for individuals to further the cause to end gender-based violence in their own unique and creative ways!

Change Maker Projects are self-initiated projects promote positive change around gender-based issues. We will provide guidance, support, resources and a platform for Change Makers to share their ideas with others and implement them.

In order for your project to qualify as a Change Maker Project, it will have to meet one or more of our objectives and be aligned with We Can!’s values, messages and approach.

Email [email protected] to find out more about how to start a project!


These are just a few of the great ideas that Change Makers have succeeded in creating:

Bodily Campaign

Team Bodily interviews young people on the streets on how gender stereotypes affect their lives. Watch as they strike out gender stereotypes, replacing it with more meaningful and powerful words of their own.


Shoes Theatre

This theatre-in-education group is led by Change Maker Nur Aisha. The troupe produced an interactive play “Boys Will Be Boys”, and successfully staged it at the 2014 Arts Fest.

shoestheatre shoestheatre2


Redefine Masculinity

A group of Change Makers from Raffles Institution put together this cool video, exploring what masculinity (and non-masculine behaviour) was to their male peers and encouraging them to rethink stereotypes.


Wired Warriors

A group of students from NTU created Wired Warriors: an Instagram-centric campaign that worked with TOUCH Community Services to spread the message of a healthy, safer Instagram for young people.



Espousing Hope

Espousing Hope is a public education campaign started by a group of NTU students. The group worked closely with We Can! and Sexual Assault Care Centre to organise a film screening and discussion on the issue of spousal violence with over a hundred members of the public on International Women’s Day 2015.

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Leading Ladies in their Queendom

Leading Ladies in their Queendom, by Dr. Maisha Reza, is an interview series with outstanding young women which aims to promote gender equality and empower women and girls.