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This Is Your Life. Get Tested.

The way that we talk to those around us about HIV, marriage and sex can put women’s health at risk.

This insight lies behind ‘This is your life. Get tested.’, a new video released April 7th by the We Can! campaign to mark World Health Day. The video depicts a woman sitting at a doctor’s office, trying to decide whether to take an HIV test, as she believes her husband has been having sex with other women. As she waits for the doctor, memories of encounters with various figures in her life flash in front of her. These include her husband coercing her to have sex without protection despite her wishes, and her family and friends expressing scepticism and disbelief at her situation, or blaming her for it.


Would You Step In?

This social experiment highlights the actions of ordinary people on the street who stepped in to stop partner violence. Domestic violence is not a private matter, and with more people taking a stand – like the brave people in our video – we can change such attitudes that continue to tolerate violence.



SoCh’s 4thAnnual Be the Change Exposition 2013

In 2013, We Can! participated in the 4th Annual Be the Change Exposition held by SoCh – Social Change in Action. The event, called ‘Be YOUnique’, celebrated the individuality and potential of children in Singapore, and their role in stimulating social change. We Can! put up a booth that encouraged children to break out of gender stereotypes and boldly be themselves.



 Blk 2511

Most violence against women, however, doesn’t happen out on the street. It happens in a space usually seen as safe and comforting – the home. Explore “Blk 2511”, our powerful new Facebook app that brings users behind the doors of a seemingly quiet and peaceful HDB block, to uncover stories of abuse. Listen to what’s happening to women and children every day, at the hands of those we usually trust the most, and answer the ringing call to action. Click on the banner below to find out more.


Videos From SHATTER
SHATTER was held at the beginning of June at our partner venue, *SCAPE, and aimed to promote an inclusive youth culture through the celebration of individuality and the right to be free from shame, discrimination, bullying and violence. The event focused on shattering gender stereotypes that youth face in daily life, with various activities and performances to bring this message home.

Marylyn shares her thoughts on femininity and gender identity.

Aarti talks about her struggles with body image.

Nicole shares her experience with dating violence.

Highlights of the Day: A Compilation Video by Christina Lourdes