What’s a Change Maker?

Who is a Change Maker?

Change Makers are people like you who believe that we all have a role to play in ending violence against women. They recognise violence and discriminatory attitudes as their concern and are emboldened to take action. Through exchanging ideas and supporting each other’s journey of change, Change Makers initiate collective action for a society free of violence against women.

Change Makers are people who come from all walks of life, drawn together by a commitment to reject violence and discrimination. They are empowered to reflect upon their own actions and to influence others to make the same changes in their own lives. They are the initiators of collective action towards a society free of violence against women.

Anyone can be a Change Maker

Understanding that small changes make big changes, and a violence-free life and society are within the power of each individual, Change Makers take ownership of the problem of violence and find inspiration in each other to work towards a gender-equal society free of all forms of discrimination and violence.

Change Makers might have themselves suffered, witnessed, perpetrated or been complicit to violence. But what matters is their resolve to work towards change in their own lives and in their community.

Want to be a Change Maker?

Start with this:

1)  Take the Change Maker Pledge

To end violence against women, I embrace a violence-free life and will actively encourage others to do the same. I believe that all people have the right to live lives free of violence.

Take the Change Maker Pledge Here


2)  Attend a Change Maker Workshop

The Change Maker Workshop is a novel forum where people from all walks of life meet and explore ideas, share experiences and discuss existing patterns of belief in our society that tolerate violence against women. Through open and constructive discussion in a safe space, they discover possibilities and areas where they can make change – as individuals, and as a collective.

See the schedule here.