About the group

We are a group of youths who are passionate about gender equality. We aim to provide a space for youths to share their experience and provide a platform for them to bring their ideas to life. Because change begins with YOUths.

How does it work?

Each project under AWARE Youth begins as a chapter. Any youths below the age of 35 can join the chapter, which would likely span over a few months. Through a series of meetings, you will get to know other like-minded youths, share your experiences pertaining to gender parity, and eventually decide on the direction of the chapter/project together as a group.

Because each chapter will be helmed by different groups of youths, each chapter should tackle the issue of gender inequality and more specifically, violence against women, from different angles. The inaugural chapter aims to tackle the issue of body image, but future chapters may tackle other issues such as consent, systemic inequalities and disparities in dress codes, amongst others. A wide variety of mediums can also be chosen to address these issues, such as the use of comics, blogs, videos and forums. Each chapter depends on the unique dynamics of the youths in each group.

Who can join?

Youths who have a desire to bring in their own unique perspectives and talents to the group, and seek to BE the change. If this sounds like you, then we’d love to have you on board!

How can I join?
Email [email protected] to register your interest or check out our Facebook page!